About Us

Rubix Technology was started in 2012 to make advanced technologies simple and affordable to healthcare organizations.  Since then we have expanded to support many other industries.  We bring a unique array of tools to solve difficult problems.

Application Development

We use industry-standard enterprise languages, frameworks and integrations to focus on your business logic and deliver solutions fast.  All of our resources from design, development, and support are US based.

  • Fully Developed Modular Enterprise Framework
  • Javascript/.net C#
  • Several Web API Integration Modules
  • Machine Learning Analytics and AI Integration


We have a few products we have been working on to help Healthcare business be more productive.

  • Patient Check-In Kiosk
  • Patient Surveys
  • Robo Reminder Calls
  • Clinical Decision Support

Contact us to find out more.

Managed Services

We are more than your regular hosting company.  Depending on our customer’s needs we can help them with CoLocation needs or help them move to Amazon and Azure.  We will assess your needs and provide a solution that is simple to understand, quick to implement and easy to manage.

  • Data Center Management
  • Network/Security Management
  • VoIP Cloud/OnPremise

Contact Us

Main# 1-800-799-4407

1345 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 258

Grand Rapids, MI 49505